Alexis Deacon’s Geis Volume 2: A Game Without Rules, out soon!

September 12, 2017

Geis-2_2So Alexis Deacon fans may have already come across the first volume in his epic graphic novel series Geis (pronounced ‘Gesh’), which was released in 2016. Volume one was truly a knockout feat of illustration, beautifully executed and told by Deacon, and expertly printed by Nobrow. I’m so pleased that the second installment to this strange and compelling medieval fantasy adventure will be available from October 1st this year. How Alexis managed to do this in a year, I have no idea, I imagine massive quantities of stress and gallons of caffeine were involved. I’ve just been looking through an advance copy which arrived today (thanks Nobrow!) and it is really, REALLY good. It’s the way Alexis manages to render a diverse range of characters with such seemingly effortless economy and simplicity I find amazing, it’s incredibly difficult to do. The colour shifts, like in volume one, really help isolate areas of the story and alter the mood and pace. I’m super jealous of his colour use, actually (I really struggle with colour), and his creature designs are just wonderful (straight from a Jan Svankmajer animation, nightmarish and bizarre). I don’t want to say too much about the story – well I can’t yet because I’ve literally just received the copy – haven’t read it yet! – but as the promotional text says; “The second test has begun. Contenders for the new chief find themselves divided against their will and flung into a mysterious game”.

You can purchase copies here, and trust me, you are getting an epic amount of illustration for £15.99! Well done Alexis, right, I’m off to read it now!

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