Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition opens! (and new website)

June 24, 2013

The group exhibition ‘Memory Palace’ has opened at the V&A, after months of preparation. It was a great opportunity to meet other artists (it’s a lonely job, being an artist), including my favourite illustrator Alexis Deacon, you should check out his blog here. I also got to meet the art collective Le Gun, who are a thoroughly nice bunch. It was fascinating watching them piece together their installation, here’s Bill Bragg painting a bucket of sick, a week before the show opened (which I find is usually the best time to paint vomit-based art pieces).

Bill Brag

We had a good turnout from the press opening, and they wrote numerous articles, here’s one from the Guardian. A nice launch party then followed. Don’t forget the David Bowie exhibition is also on at the V&A, you’ll need tickets though, which are pretty hard to come by now.

On a different note, I keep breaking my website, so all the (debatably) useful and interesting stuff I’ve added up until now has yet again disappeared into the webby ether. Sorry about that…It’s a bit annoying building this thing from scratch for the umpteenth time.