An Alexis Deacon fan page!

The best thing about my chunky, and not very well designed (sorry!) website, is that I can gush about things I am very fond of. And at the tippy top of that list, is the work of Alexis Deacon.


Here is the man himself, photographed by by Antonio Olmos for a great article in The Guardian. So, for anyone interested in illustration, graphic novels, or children’s books, you would do very well to get your hands on anything that this young man has been involved with. Not only is he an unbelievably gifted draughtsman, but his sense of colour, pacing, composition and design are, in my humble opinion, the best out there at the moment. In short, I would chew my own arm off to have his line and colour. I am particularly excited, because the first instalment of his own graphic novel ‘Geis’ is being launched in June! So if you are in London, Get Yourself To Gosh! Follow this link.


I got my first look at a copy this weekend of Geis, (pronounced Gesh), it’s a staggering amount of work, and the story reads and cuts beautifully between scenes like a film,  a subtle change in colour temperature aids each transition. The line work has such a delicate economy, it feels fluid and immediate. I could bang on about it all day, but it would be just easier if you went to this link and bought your own copy. So for less than a score you can own a consummate example of how graphic novels should be done. It’s published by Nobrow, so you already know it will be of exceptional production value.

And if that isn’t enough, then school yourselves further, dear readers, by getting hold of his remarkable work in Russell Hoban’s moving and individual tales ‘Jim’s Lion‘ and ‘Soonchild‘, again, the absolute pinnacle of book illustration.  Then binge further on Deacon, and read about him in this article. I’ll leave you with a few images, don’t forget, he can do all this and write award winning books too! From my point of view, his work has kept me going on the countless times I’ve felt like giving up. He inspires you to try harder, and to keep trying. I’ve so much to learn about illustration, and there is no better teacher than Alexis.


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