The E.U.

June 26, 2016

Well, on Friday I felt very, very disappointed, and that feeling gets worse by the day. I desperately wanted to remain in the E.U. I am not alone, it seems, and lets hope that something good comes out of this terrible mess. I don’t know what this means for British publishing, but I don’t think in the short term it’s going to be easy. All those decades of building environmental laws to protect our varied and beautiful wildlife face being undermined too. Will the government fight for funding of the Arts now, do you think? I hope the rest of Europe realises that almost half of the population didn’t want this. That’s the thing about democracies, sometimes they don’t go the way you want. This whole affair has been dividing cities, towns, and even families.”We build too many walls and not enough bridges” as Sir Isaac Newton said.

I’m going to work hard, the future is uncertain, I need to raise my game –  more diversity in my children’s books for a start. Hold firm people.





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