The Great War

January 9, 2015



Last year I illustrated a collection of short stories inspired by objects from the First World War. The book The Great War, is published by Walker Books, and contains new work by a collection of superb authors, including Michael Morpurgo, Tracy Chevalier, David Almond and A.L. Kennedy.

The illustrations, all black and white, were executed in ink and charcoal, with some digital manipulation at the final stages. It’s a nice way to work because, being spontaneous, it produces unexpected results, and hopefully stays faithful to the feel of the book. Walker did a wonderful job with the art design and typography too, which is all in keeping with the Vorticist movement of the early twentieth century. I didn’t have much time on the book, but it’s one of those subjects that you could work on for years. A truly fascinating period in history, and one now inextricably linked with the art and poetry of its time.


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